RimRock Effects - Lil MO


GuitarMoose has teamed up with RimRock Effects to bring you the best in guitar pedals and effects. These handmade effects are the most superior guitar effects you will ever play. Each pedal is handmade by our friend Ken in Oregon, USA. Each pedal will include a FREE GuitarMoose guitar pick! FREE shipping is in the USA only - international orders must select international shipping option.

Lil MO: Love your Mythical Overdrive but need a smaller version to save board space?  Introducing the Lil MO. Same circuit as the Mythical Overdrive with the following improvements

  • Smaller Enclosure - 4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39" (121.1mm x 66mm x 35.3mm) 
  • Top mounted jacks and power jack
  • PCB Mounted diodes and pots
  • Buffered Bypass

Each Lil MO is hand built using quality components housed in a Mammoth Electronics powder coated enclosure with professional silkscreen graphics that are both durable and fantastic looking. No more chipped home paint jobs, no more decals that tear, no more guessing what the controls do. I have these enclosure powder coated and silk screened using my design by the same company that does work for the big boys.

This overdrive is very versatile and can range from a clean boost to moderate distortion. It will not get you into Rat tone, but it fills a nice gap just below it in my rig. The toggle switch selects from the two clipping options using 1N34 / OA126 diodes.  These sets give two distinct clipping profiles which I like to refer to as Low or High  Clippers

Low Clippers
1N34 - vintage clipping at lower gain settings, NOS germanium diodes provide warm tube amp like breakup due to a lower forward voltage. With the volume at noon these diodes begin to breakup when the gain gets to approximately 11:00.  These diodes allow for earlier clipping at lower volumes or to add saturation to an already pushed amplifier

High Clippers
OA126 - increasingly rare NOS German Telefunken germanium diodes that clip at a very high forward voltage. With the volume at noon these diodes begin to breakup when the gain gets to approximately 3:00.  Since these diodes clip late in the gain sweep you get more clean headroom and can really slam the preamp of your amplifier without introducing diode breakup. 

Standard Lil MO specs:

•Mammoth / Pedal Parts plus Powercoated enclosure
•Professional silkscreened graphics
•Through hole fabricated PCB, no perf or vero 
•1% metal film resistors
•Nichichon audio grade capacitors
•Alpha pots 
•Telefunken NOS Germanium IN34A diodes
•Telefunken NOS OA126 diodes
•Neutrik jacks
•Hi intensity LED
•Davies knobs
•Buffered bypass 
•All ICs socketed
•Hand built and tested in the USA by an actual guitar player, not a robot in a factory overseas 

You've heard the hype, seen the prices, now experience the tone without breaking the bank. Pick up a great pedal at a fantastic price.

IMPORTANT: There is no battery connection in the Lil MO. An external ( not supplied ) power supply must be used

The Lil MO requires a standard 2.1 mm DC jack. Any REGULATED power supply like, Boss, Pedal Power, or One Spot type power supply will work. It accepts a 9 volt source and uses an internal charge pump IC to boost the internal power to approximately 18v for increased headroom. 

READ CAREFULLY - Returns not accepted for damage due to use of incorrect power supplies !!

Note: you are ordering a product from RimRock Effects and the order will ship from RimRock Effects. Why order from us then? 1st and foremost you get a FREE GuitarMoose guitar pick with each pedal order and 2nd, you are supporting TWO small businesses run by local entrepreneurs.