RimRock Effects - PT Drive

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GuitarMoose has teamed up with RimRock Effects to bring you the best in guitar pedals and effects. These handmade effects are the most superior guitar effects you will ever play. Each pedal is handmade by our friend Ken in Oregon, USA. Each pedal will include a FREE GuitarMoose guitar pick! FREE shipping is in the USA only - international orders must select international shipping option.

PT Drive: Loosely based on a classic circuit, but heavily modified to our specs, the PT Drive offers more gain, more user EQ adjustability and more options than ever before! That's not all; we firmly believe that any overdrive or distortion pedal should "feel" AND sound like a natural extension of your guitar and amp. Let's face it; everyone loves the convenience of pedals but no one wants a fake, synthetic "pedal sound". Rest assured, much like our Mythical Overdrive, we've worked very hard to make sure this pedal delivers a very natural "cranked tube amp" like sound that is sure to make you smile.

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Here at Rimrock Effects we have carefully and thoughtfully adjusted the circuit and gain structure so that it can serve multiple functions. It can overdrive an already "warm" amp for a classic drive sound, or it can be used as a stand alone heavy drive into a clean amp all on its own. Of course, it can be stacked with other effects for unique flavors, or provide a solo boost in volume, distortion, or both! But why get yourself stuck with one "mid hump" sound? Your options don't stop there with us - besides the standard "Tone" knob, we've also added a user selectable option for two clipping choices for more tonal options plus a "lift" option to turn the pedal into a straight up volume boost. There is also a contour switch to adjust the overall global EQ of the drive section with three options; standard, dark and bright! This allows you to tailor your sound to fit any guitar, amp, or other effect you'd like to combine it with! All this in a compact enclosure (4.5 x 2.3 x 1.0) to save precious pedal board space!

What more could you ask for? Well, OK, twist our arm... We've also configured the power section to operate at the standard 9 volts all the way up to 18 volts for increased headroom and touch sensitive playing, making it more "amp like" in response and feel than ever before!

Each PT Drive is hand built by a guitar player [not a machine], one at a time right here in beautiful central Oregon, using only the highest quality components. Everything is housed in a professionally powder coated enclosure with professional silkscreen graphics that are both durable and fantastic looking. You read that correctly - no chipped home paint jobs, no decals that tear and fall off, no more guessing what the controls do. We have these enclosure powder coated and silk screened using our design by the same company that does work for the big boys.

Call us "green", but none of our pedals have a battery jack. They require a standard 2.1 mm DC jack REGULATED power supply. We can safely recommend Boss, Pedal Power, or One Spot; any of these type of power supplies will work.

Don't just take our word for it; give the PT a "Drive" for yourself. We think you'll find it to be a natural sounding, touch sensitive, and versatile pedal that will instantly find its way onto your pedal board.



  • Green sparkle powder coated enclosure
  • Pedal Board friendly size ( 4.5 x 2.3 x 1.0 )
  • JRC 4558 IC based design
  • Two selectable clipping options, plus lift option
  • Contour for standard, dark or bright to match any pickup, amp or rig
  • Operates from 9 vdc - 18 vdc for maximum headroom
  • Hand built with only the best parts available
Note: you are ordering a product from RimRock Effects and the order will ship from RimRock Effects. Why order from us then? 1st and foremost you get a FREE GuitarMoose guitar pick with each pedal order and 2nd, you are supporting TWO small businesses run by local entrepreneurs.