Thats me, Alexander, the owner and master pick maker here @GuitarMoose. I picked up my first guitar when I was 18 years old and have been playing just about everyday ever since! I noticed that with my sweaty hands, picks kept sliding out of my hands and twisting every time I would play. I searched the market for a guitar pick with grip but found the only solution was guitar picks with holes drilled in them or picks with a cat tongue grip. These surfaces were not very comfortable on my hands after long periods of playing. So, I decided to make my own guitar picks - guitar picks with a foam grip. Ultra premium guitar picks with grip. No more slippery picks, or picks slipping in your hand while playing your instrument. These picks stay right where you hold them! They even stick to your guitar for a short time. I started giving a few to my friends to try out, and the feedback was outstanding. Our picks have been in over 50+ guitar stores throughout the US and Canada and now has a loyal following of customers. Thank you for checking us out!

Happy Strumming!